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A hackneyed phrase says, that the Bavarians are always eat pork roast with bread dumpling and sourcrout. I for one never ever had a pork roast, because since my childhood I didn’t liked meat, and this tofu roast is my response to the bavarian pork roast…..and yes I like bread dumpling and sourcrout!



This you need for four persons:Tofu roast with nuts


14 oz tofu

2 onions

2 carrots

a bunch of parsley

3,5 oz grated hazelnuts

3,5 oz breadcrumbs

1 – 2 tablespoon soy sauce

salt, papper

1 oz butter


* Cut the onions and the carrots into very fine pieces, than take a cooking pot and braise the vegetables in a bit oil.

* Mash the tofu with a fork and mix it with the vegetables , the finely chopped parsley, the grated hazelnuts, the breadcumbs, the soy sauce and salt and papper. Knead it together and maybe you have to spice it up with salt and papper.

* Take a lightly greased baking sheet. form a loaf out of the tofu dough and give it on the baking sheet, brush the butter on the loaf.

* Bake it in the oven at about 347° F for 35 – 40 minutes.


We like to eat this roast with a simple tomatoe sauce and salad.



florence fennel gratinatedI know, florence fennel is not everybodies taste, but this recipe could be worth trying out.

For about four persons you need:

4 big florence fennels

5 big tomatoes  (or 14 oz canned tomatoes )

1 table spoon extra virgin olive oil

salt, pepper

9 oz mozzarella, or other cheese


* Wash the florence fennel and cut away the shafts, but save the fennel leaves. Divide the fennel into quarters and chip the fennel leaves. Take a frypan and pour the olive oil into it.

Roast the fennel quaters gently, till they are brown from each side. Put in the fennel leaves, salt and pepper.

* Take the hacked tomatoes, or the canned tomatoes and add them to the fennel. Put the cooking top on, and boil it lightly till it is soft. Please check from time to time if there is enough liquid, maybe you have to give some water into.

* Then you need a shallow oiled baking dish. Pour in the tomato-fennel mixture. Cut the mozzarella into thin slices and cover the whole gratin with the cheese.

* Gratinate it in the oven at about 392° F.


We like to eat potatoes or some baguette with it.


Tofu balls "vegetarian Swedish Köttbullar" 1Tofu balls "vegetarian Swedish Köttbullar" 2If you ever read a tale of Astrid Lindren, you will know what “Köttbullar” are. You don’t know? These are small Swedish meatballs, and each time I read from “Emil of Lönneberga” to my daughter, I get such a appetite for these meatballs. But as the whole family are vegetarians, I looked for a recipe without meat, and I found one.

Here is my favorite recipe for tofu balls, we like to have tzatziki, baguette and a big bowl of mixed salad with it. They are also perfect for a picnic, or next day for school.

For about 45 balls you need:

28,2 oz     tofu

4     garlic cloves

3     eggs

1 1/2 teaspoon     mustard

1 1/2 teaspoon     paprika powder

1 1/2 teaspoon     curry

1/2 teaspoon     cumin powder

1 1/2 teaspoon     salt

1 1/2 teaspoon     oregano

3 tablespoon     soy sauce

a bit     pepper

about 16 tablespoon     oat flakes

*   Cut the tofu into small cubes, and chop up the garlic cloves. Put all together in a bowl, take the immersion blender and make it paste-like.

*   Mix it with all the remaining ingredients to a soft but mouldable mixture.

*   With wet hands make small balls, big as walnuts. Take a baking tin with a baking paper and place them on it. Brush a little bit olive oil on each ball.

*   Bake at about 392° F for 30 minutes.

Before you buy the avocado, look to it that it is really mellow, not brown and mushy or hard as a stone, otherwise you can feed your wastebin with the spread.

You need for about four persons:

2 tomatoes
1 onion
1 lemon
2 avocados
5,3 oz. yoghurt or sour cream
salt and pepper

• Cut up the tomatoes and the onion very, very small.
• Cut the avocados into halves and remove the pip. With a spoon scrape off the fruit pulp.
• Take a fork and mash the fruit pulp until you have a nice mush. Mix it immediately with about one teaspoonful of lemon juice, otherwise the avocado pulp gets an unappetising brown colour.
• Now add the tomatoes, the onion and the yoghurt or sour cream to the avocado mash. Spice it with salt and pepper.
• If you like, you can add one or two hackled cloves of garlic.

Slather it on a new wholewheat bread.

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