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It happens to me very often that I start to do something, but than something more interesting creeps up. So it was that day, while I was weeding the flower garden.

I cleaned off the garden from bindweeds. Suddenly Mia began to use them for masquerading herself as a fairy. That looked so beautiful, that I sprinted upstairs and catched my camera. We took many pictures, that was really funny. Unfortunately it was to late for weeding…..what a pity ūüėČ


The flower fairy



When I was a child, rainbows were something very special for us. Within my recollection we had no more than two or three rainbows a year.

But this year I think, it’s the year of the thunderstorms and the rainbows. Nearly weekly we have thunderbolts and afterwards a beautiful rainbow. I’m still fascinated by this, but when I say to my children: ” Look, this beautiful rainbow”, the first one says only “Oh”, the next one says in a bored tone “how nice” and the third one says… nothing.


After 15 minutes and more than 600 pictures, I could only capture two flashes. This one was the best.
Watch the whole series of pictures as a silent movie


Two rainbows at once


Today we are reaped some of our first very little zucchinis for making a soup. Mia cutted them up in thin slices, she was very astounded how beautiful it looks. After we made some pictures we thought, it’s a real pity making soup out of this beauty!


The beauty of the zucchini


After two month Winter, all-around only white and grey, this weekend we had the sun back.  It was frosty, and the sun was shining from a beautiful blue sky, a perfect day for making some pictures outside.

Our two older children were still sleeping, and our youngest was by her grandma. So I embraced the opportunity and snatched my camera, jumped into my “Antarctic-boots” and trudged into the snow.

Here are some of my “first sunny weekend of this year” impressions:

Sunny Weekend

It looks like little feathers.

Sunny Weekend

Wood anywhere you look.

Sunny Weekend

A part of a very long hiking trail, you can walk for many days through unspoiled wild countryside.

Sunny Weekend

For making this picture, I waited about fifteen minutes absolutely immoveable, till my legs has gone sleep, but it paid off.

Sunny Weekend

One day later we made a walk, it was so cold and windy, but Mia (our youngest) really wanted to ride bike, afterwards her face was nearly frozen. But then we had dainty home-baked banana-blueberries muffins, and everybody defrosted.

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