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Vegetable garden

This is our vegetable garden, here I raise many different vegetables: Potatoes, tomatoes, onions, carrots, beans, chili peppers, cucumbers, zucchinis, leek, pumpkin, fennel, herbage and who knows what else. Behind you can see the begin of my new tomatoe house…..oh, just one moment please, two pickpockets are steal my best cherries! Away with you!


running ducks

This are two other garden dwellers, our running ducks. They are so funny, and they help to clean the garden from slugs.


tomatoe house

The tomato house grows….what a strong little girl! Can’t wait till it is finished, the tomato plants are waiting to be plant.


butterfly caterpillar

This little butterfly caterpillar lives on our potted sunflower. We are watching her since she was hatched. She eat up some of the sunflower leaves, but it doesn’t matter, the sun flowers is larg.



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