One day in 2004 I found a small package with coloured sheep wool in a toy shop. I was absolutely delighted  from the touch, the smell and the warm and wonderful colours of it. I resolved upon to buy it.
When I was at home with my loot, I realised that I didn’t know how I could use it. So a few days later, I bought a book with tutorials for how to make felted dolls for the nature table.

Usually I’m not patient enough to learn out of a book, but that time I had to accept that I needed to acquire myself particular techniques, if I like to make something rudimentarily beautiful.
After I made some of the figures out of the book I began to make my own designs. At that time our second daughter visited the Montessori School, so I donated the dolls to the School’s Christmas bazaar. The people where delighted, despite the fact that my first works were very fuzzy and a bit dinted.

That was the beginning of my felting obsession, and since then I created very many other dolls, fairies, mobiles and ……

The rack at my workplace overflows, because I can’t stop buying wool!

In my gallery you can see various of my finished works, but in my head I’m always engaged in creating new things.

If you are interested in my work take a look at my Etsy shop. There you can see my finished items available to purchase. If you like to have something similar out of my gallery, or maybe you have own ideas or wishes, just let me know:

I like to do custom works!

Please note, each of my items are a one of a kind. I can make a similar item, but no exactly copy, that’s not my intention.