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Since a few days we have decent summer, it’s hot, hot, hot. The perfect day for a treasure hunting in the creek. Fastly putting some food and drink in the car, and don’t forget the gumboots!

After a hot and adventurous drive we are there. It’s a very little creek, wild and romantic, but the best thing about it is, that you can find coloured pieces of glass, tumbled in the creek.

The glass nuggets find their way into the creek from a glass factory some kilometres upstream. I think it’s just the scrap from the process of making glass, but they’re quite beautiful.

At the moment I don’t know what to do with them, but I will come up with an idea, soon.

The creek "Kleine Ohe"lizard on the stone

Treasure hunting childrenMy picking after the first thirty minutes

The little water sprite rises......and shows her treasury
my preciousss

In our village there is an old railroad line. When I was a little child, and my mother couldn’t drive a car, we went very often with the train to our next town. It’s a very romantic route through a wild scenery. But one day it was over, the last train drove 1982. The route came up in a very rouinous condition, and so it rat to seed and became the home for different plants and animals, especially for snakes.

Then some people had the idea to make a bike way of it, but some train enthusiasts wanted the rail traffic back. This resulted in a very big squabbeling, but the train won, fortunately. So last year the rail traffic started again, indeed only for the weekends, but that’s better then nothing.

This weekend we drove with the train to Freyung. Actually we wanted to go trekking, but it began to rain very hard, and so we drove back. But we can do that next time.


On our way to the trainIlztalbahn











The train arrives

It happens to me very often that I start to do something, but than something more interesting creeps up. So it was that day, while I was weeding the flower garden.

I cleaned off the garden from bindweeds. Suddenly Mia began to use them for masquerading herself as a fairy. That looked so beautiful, that I sprinted upstairs and catched my camera. We took many pictures, that was really funny. Unfortunately it was to late for weeding…..what a pity 😉


The flower fairy




The last days of the summer holidays are here. The days are shorter and the evenings are colder, best time to make a camp fire. Roasting marshmellows and leavened dough above the fire….with good friends.


Mia, Lisa, Naomi, Selina, Judith, Alice

Mia and Lisa roasting marshmellows











Camp fire




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