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felted fairies with ladybug


The fairies and the ladybug

On a quiet autumn morning, the three little fairies awaked. They were surprised, all the leaves weren’t green anymore, the whole forest shimmered in an orange, yellow, red and brown light that morning. You must know it was the first autumn for these three little fairies, and so they asked her mother where all this colours come from. The fairy mother said: “This is a very big secret, and only the goddess of autumn knows it.” “Oh, can we ask her? Where might we find her?”, the little fairies asked excited. She thought about this for a while and said: “I think you could find her in the big old beech forest, that’s her haunt.”

The three fairies were in this big old beech forest once before, and so they knew that this forest was really old and very, very, big. The fairies looked a bit uncertain to each other, and the oldest said to her mother: “Would you come with us, please? Otherwise we wouldn’t find her, the forest is so big!” The fairy mother answered: “I’m so sorry, but I can’t come with you, the older fairies have to help with the preperations for the autumns feast, and anyone will be needed. Oh, don’t look so sad, I’m sure you three will find the goddesss, ask the animals. They will know the way.¬† If you will be friendly to them they will help you.”

So, after a fast breakfast the three little fairies said goodbye to her mother and flew away, towards the big old beech forest. They met a lot of animals, but her mother was not right. Not one of them knew the way to the goddess of autumn, some of them wouldn’t even talk with them, although they were really friendly to them, others told them the wrong way and others again, like the owl, wanted to sleep. Very desponded the three fairies made a little rest on a tree root. A long time no one of them said a word, the second eldest fairy said: “Now we have asked the bear, the mouse, the rabbit, the hedgehog, even the owl we asked, but none of them showed us the way to the goddess. I think it’s the best we fly back home.”

Suddenly a thin voice said: “What do you want to know?”, the fairies looked astonished, and one of them said: “Who is it?” The fairies looked around, and the thin voice said: “Here I am, in the snail shell!” Really, in one of the empty snail shell sat a little ladybug, and looked to the three fairies, and he asked again:”What do you want to know?” The eldest fairy took the ladybug out of the snail shell and put him on her hand. She said: “We are looking for the goddess of autumn, we asked many other animals, but none of them could help us, I’m sure you don’t know it either.” The ladybug answered: “Oh, don’t let yourself bee fooled because of my shortness, I must be more attentive than the big animals, and so I realize more than them, and of course I know the way to the goddess! Come a bit closer.” And the fairies came a bit closer and the ladybug whispered them something in theirs ears……..

The ladybug had right, he knew the way to the goddess of autumn and the fairies found her, but what the goddess said is really a very big secret, and if you would like to know this secret, walk through the big old beech forest and if you can’t find the way, don’t ask the big animals. Ask the little ladybug in the snail shell, he knows the way!

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