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Woollen Woods - art project by canopy


The Woollen Woods is an outdoor art project run by Canopy, which is a project of Eden Arts in the UK.

The project is about to display 1000s of woodland themed artworks in the woodlands of the beautiful Acorn Bank, which is property of the National Trust.

Schools, groups, organizations and individuals have been invited to take part to make fantastic woollen artworks that are hanging in the trees, and this spring they asked me if I wanted to take part in the project.

I took a look at some pictures of the wood and of other Canopy’s projects. I thought that this project is a funny idea and I like the place where it is happening, so I confirmed my participation. Because of the nice English countryside I thought it would be obvious to make some elves, but as it is an outdoor project running from April – November, and the elves wings are made of paper, it seemed to me not to be such a good idea. So I decided to make a bees mobile instead, which is in fact the very first kind of mobile I’ve ever made and still one of my favourites.

mobile with seven felted bees

This is the mobile ready to be shipped. I wish I was shipped to this wonderful place, too.

Here’s a link to the photo gallery – Do you think you can find my mobile there?


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