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It happens to me very often that I start to do something, but than something more interesting creeps up. So it was that day, while I was weeding the flower garden.

I cleaned off the garden from bindweeds. Suddenly Mia began to use them for masquerading herself as a fairy. That looked so beautiful, that I sprinted upstairs and catched my camera. We took many pictures, that was really funny. Unfortunately it was to late for weeding…..what a pity 😉


The flower fairy




The last days of the summer holidays are here. The days are shorter and the evenings are colder, best time to make a camp fire. Roasting marshmellows and leavened dough above the fire….with good friends.


Mia, Lisa, Naomi, Selina, Judith, Alice

Mia and Lisa roasting marshmellows











Camp fire




I can’t belive it, but 13 years are flown away and now our oldest daughter Naomi has her great day. It’s the graduation day!

I remember, when she was three years old she showed first interest in letters, and after she learnt the alphabet, she aducced herself reading, this was after her fourth birthday.

She was about 12 – 13 when she started writting, and till this time she couldn’t stop with it. With 16 she wrote her first novel, and I really hope she will be able to support themselve by writting. I think that’s her dearest wish.


high school graduate

The concluding service in a very wonderful church. All the beautiful high-school graduate. It was very hard to blink back the tears!


high school graduate

Now she is happy after getting her diploma.


high school graduatehigh school graduate

Here with the grandparents, her two sisters and dad……………………..and with the little sister.

I love you with all my heart…..I wish you the best, find your way and live a full live…..your mom.



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