a life handcrafted

At last school is over and the summer holidays have begun.


Mia got a certificate

Here is Mia (second girl from the left), today she got a certificate from the music school. She plays the harp for two years, and now she passed the first test.



 Shooting with bow and arrows

Our new hobby: Shooting with bow and arrows.



The Ilz

Bath in the Ilz








When the weather is very hot, Naomi, Selina and Mia like to go to the little river in our village, called “Ilz”. It’s a very great advantage living in a river valley, we only have to take our bath towel and go down the street and than we can go swimming.


Finished tomato house

Everything is growing, and the tomato house is filled up!


Mark the farmer

Isn’t he cute?











Monty the cat and mushrooms


Sometimes in the early morning, when I awake, I bounce out of bed, put on my oldest clothes, and must go mushrooming in the forest, without having a breakfast. Then my “hunter and gatherer genes” come out. And after about two hours, wet through with perspiration, pinched with hunger, but happy, I come home with a box full of delicate mushrooms. I’ll kiln-dry some of them for the winter.

Someone asked me, whether I’m able to make a mobile with fairies wearing ballet dresses. I like challenges!
A few hours later, while I was digging in the garden, an idea for a ballet mobile assumed shape.

This is the result:

Mobile "A ballet scene with two fairies"

The fairy is standing on her tiptoe and holding a baby by its hands. By the slightest breath of wind, the little fairies start to dance, and it really looks like the taller fairy turns around the little baby, so that it is flying.

Like I said, it’s a rainy summer with many thunderstorms…aaaaand rainbows and very inspiring for a mobile like this. That’s the only luck between all this water!

Rainbow fairies mobile

Rainbows never lost their magic for me. When I was a little child, we thought the colourful light comes from a secret treasury you can find at the beginning of the rainbow. We were sad that the beginning was not near our place and we will never find the treasury.
Then at school they told us, rainbows are only an optical illusion, resulted by the sunlight reflecting in the raindrops….. what a rubbish!
Everybody knows that the little rainbow fairies make the rainbows. When the rain is nearly over and the sun comes through the clouds, they are so happy, that they fly in a huge bow from one place to another, but they fly so fast that we just can see a colourful bow in the sky, can’t we?

When I was a child, rainbows were something very special for us. Within my recollection we had no more than two or three rainbows a year.

But this year I think, it’s the year of the thunderstorms and the rainbows. Nearly weekly we have thunderbolts and afterwards a beautiful rainbow. I’m still fascinated by this, but when I say to my children: ” Look, this beautiful rainbow”, the first one says only “Oh”, the next one says in a bored tone “how nice” and the third one says… nothing.


After 15 minutes and more than 600 pictures, I could only capture two flashes. This one was the best.
Watch the whole series of pictures as a silent movie


Two rainbows at once