a life handcrafted

Every evening we have to put the running ducks in their coop. Last night it was Naomis turn. When she came back to the hallway, this little hedgehog sat on the boot scraper.






It happens to me very often that I start to do something, but than something more interesting creeps up. So it was that day, while I was weeding the flower garden.

I cleaned off the garden from bindweeds. Suddenly Mia began to use them for masquerading herself as a fairy. That looked so beautiful, that I sprinted upstairs and catched my camera. We took many pictures, that was really funny. Unfortunately it was to late for weeding…..what a pity ūüėČ


The flower fairy




The last days of the summer holidays are here. The days are shorter and the evenings are colder, best time to make a camp fire. Roasting marshmellows and leavened dough above the fire….with good friends.


Mia, Lisa, Naomi, Selina, Judith, Alice

Mia and Lisa roasting marshmellows











Camp fire




Little pumpkins


I love pumpkins in any colour. The pumpkins in our garden are still underripe, so this week I felted some baby pumpkins in different colours.