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Like I said, it’s a rainy summer with many thunderstorms…aaaaand rainbows and very inspiring for a mobile like this. That’s the only luck between all this water!

Rainbow fairies mobile

Rainbows never lost their magic for me. When I was a little child, we thought the colourful light comes from a secret treasury you can find at the beginning of the rainbow. We were sad that the beginning was not near our place and we will never find the treasury.
Then at school they told us, rainbows are only an optical illusion, resulted by the sunlight reflecting in the raindrops….. what a rubbish!
Everybody knows that the little rainbow fairies make the rainbows. When the rain is nearly over and the sun comes through the clouds, they are so happy, that they fly in a huge bow from one place to another, but they fly so fast that we just can see a colourful bow in the sky, can’t we?

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