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This is a very simple, but creative way for making very beautiful Easter eggs. And a great fun for the children (also for the older children ūüôā ).


For this methode you need:

hard-boiled eggs

egg colour to dip

nylons (can be a old one)


many different, freshly-picked small leaves


dipped easter egg

At first take a egg, place the leave as flat a spossible on the egg.

dipped easter egg


Cut off a piece from the nylons about palm-sized. Place it carefully over the egg with the leave. Now span it very tightly.

dipped easter egg

Tie it up with the yard and dip it into the egg colour.

dipped easter egg

When the colour is dark enough take it out and dab it off a bit, then cut of the nlyons carefully and take the leave away.

dipped easter egg

If everything worked out well, it should look like this…

dipped easter egg

or like this.

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